Episode 5

Photo Inception


January 5th, 2019

7 mins 52 secs

Your Host

About this Episode

I wasn't going to post today, it being the weekend, but earlier today I was trolling the Facebook and I saw a post to a video interview on YouTube of my friend (and podcast theme provider), E.Joseph. It caught my eye because the embed was using one of my photos of Ed from earlier in 2018!

Once I watched the video, I realized that many of my photos were used as the backdrop to a really interesting and well-produced interview show with interspersed segments of Ed performing his original songs. It all ends with an acoustic version of this show's podcast theme, Rabbit Hole, performed in front of several photos of mine.

Watching the show was a real thrill for me. I loved seeing my friend get the spotlight and I, of course, enjoyed seeing my photos used in an interesting new way. More generally, I like to support those who themselves are doing their part to support local arts and music. So, I hope you'll check out the interview, linked below.

The Daily Chron theme music, Rabbit Hole, is provided by the uber-talented E.Joseph.

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