Episode 4

Collaborative Pizza Party


January 4th, 2019

14 mins 39 secs

Your Host

About this Episode

I'm feeling better, so I grab my first slice of 2019 at my favorite local pizza place. I also discuss the importance of local businesses collaborating with each other and with community organizations and why I think this is an important part of any small business' strategy for flourishing in today's Amazon/big box dominated world. I talk about some of the town events I've witnessed or participated in as examples as well as the importance of cross-promotion on social media.

Ultimately, local businesses are run by our neighbors and people who have invested in the community. Great things can come about when we all work together.

The Daily Chron theme music, Rabbit Hole, is provided by the uber-talented E.Joseph.

Episode Links

  • Upper Crust Pizza and Grill — Upper Crust Pizza and Grill is family owned and operated. Our family has been providing its customers with the highest quality and freshed ingredients possible.